"Dublin is an amazing teacher. He somehow manages to teach a class that is both a strenuous workout and a chance for self-reflection and rejuvenation. His style is very intuitive – he will sometimes pause and look at the class for a moment, considering, before making up his mind what direction to lead us in that day. It’s clear that Dublin is both confident in his practice and open to experimenting with what he knows. Once, in an attempt to demonstrate the importance of staying within yourself, he led a blindfolded class – a great experience!  He has a great sense of humor, too, and knows just when a little joke might be welcome. I actually think he might be a mind-reader, because just when that little voice inside your head starts saying, “I can’t do this,” or “I hate this pose,” Dublin will say “Don’t listen to that voice in your head!” (How does he know?)  Dublin is an amazing find!" 
 "Dublin Salas is a very special person in my life. I was diagnosed with a chronic neuromuscular condition and was in quite a state when I first wobbled into his class. He took one look at me and asked to write down my diagnosis so he could Google when he got home. His interest obligated me to return the following week. And he had most definitely Googled. He also spoke with other instructors and one of his mentors. Yoga, he said, would help.  Dublin is the only yoga instructor I have found who can have me bursting with laughter while deep in a pose. His sense of humor is just one expression of his acute sense of his students frame of minds.  Dublin frequently finds ways to tell me how proud he is of me. And in doing so, he shows a sense of pride in himself that I believe he is very deserving of. I know that if Dublin hadn't made such an effort from the get-go, I would have probably never come back. He sees improvements before I feel them".